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DIY Holiday Wreath

I don't know about y'all, but I couldn't be more excited for this years sweater weather. Here in Oklahoma, our fall & winter seasons are usually pretty iffy - and its kind of rare that we get a TRUE winter (much less a fall that lasts longer than a week or two). But this year we have had record amounts of rain which I am *HOPING* means a good solid winter! *fingers crossed*

This Blog/Blog post is extremely exciting for me because I have been planning on releasing a Blog & Vlog for a long while and it is FINALLY. HAPPENING.

If you know me personally, you know that I am a performer by trade. I am a singer and musician and play live shows for a living - which I love more than anything else in my life.

BUT - something that you probably dont know about me is that I am terribly put off and honestly downright terrified of public speaking... - I know what you're probably thinking.. "uhh.. Jade, this isn't speaking to the public? I'm watching you through my computer screen!" But I have honestly put off releasing my blog & vlog for so long because It brings me so much anxiety.

This means that today I am putting myself out there and rising above my fears and uncomfortableness by putting this out there for the world to see. For YOU to see!

With all that being said - I am extremely excited to present to you my first Do-It-Yourself video and blog on how to complete this super fun and super easy holiday themed project.

I first came across this project a couple of years back when my friend Stephanie invited me over for some crafting. She showed me how to make my first holiday wreath and since then this has been one of my top favorite things to craft! I thought it would be perfect for my first do-it-yourself vlog - so here we are!

For this project you will need the following items:

*Note: I purchased all of these items at my local Hobby Lobby, but they should be available at any craft store as well as on Amazon.*

  • One glue gun + glue sticks. (I was prepared with 50 and used just 19)

  • One foam wreath - I purchased an 11.8" wreath for this specific wreath, but you can go bigger or smaller. *note: The smaller you go - the harder it is to fit ornaments all the way around the outside and inside without leaving a gap*

  • Jute twine to create a hanger for the top of your wreath

  • Shatter-proof Christmas ornaments (I bought these at Hobby Lobby on clearance) Both a medium size and a smaller size for the later steps.

  • (optional) Specialty items such as the tiny pumpkins and gourds I used for this project. I have also used tiny footballs, basketballs, musical instruments, faux flowers etc.

  • Foam vase filler balls. These are to fill in any small areas that may be noticeable once you're almost done with your wreath.

Step - By - Step instructions

  • Plug in your hot glue gun

  • While it heats up, unpack your jute cord or twine and cut a piece about 18-20" long.

  • Take your foam wreath, find the seam (or just pick a place to serve as the top if the seam cant be seen) and wrap your cord around the wreath 3-4 times. This is going to serve as the hanger for your wreath! Make sure that the ends of the cord are aligned evenly and then tie them together. Make sure the knot is VERY tight as you dont want this to come unraveled when you have your wreath hanging.

  • (optional) I like to add a little hot glue around the knot on the cord just for safe measure- also, it stays better if you hot glue the cord TO the wreath (where its wrapped around).

  • Once you have your hanger situated - go ahead and figure out the order in which you would like to have your ornaments situated. I like to place them on the wreath in a even order so you don't have too much of one color together.

  • Once you've figured out the order for your ornaments, and your glue gun is hot, you can start attaching your ornaments to the outer edge of your wreath. We will do the outer edge and then around the inside edge! It should look like this when you're finished with these steps. ---> Glue not only the stick-out part of the ornament down to the wreath, but also glue the ornaments together on each side for extra stability.

  • (You should probably stick with one medium size of shatter proof ornaments to ensure that you have enough room to fit ornaments all the way around the wreath. I chose some larger tangerine balls to throw in the mix but it resulted in me messing up my spacing. however, If you do mess up you can do what I did pictured above and fill in the small space you have left with a small ornament. It still gives the same visual affect when the whole wreath is done.)

  • Once the outside and inside are situated, we will start on the top part of the wreath. We want to fit ornaments where the naturally flow such as the picture provided. These ornaments will NOT be glued by the stick-out part at the top. situate these before hand so you have an idea of where you want them glued down. This saves time AND sanity, trust me. When glueing these, be aware that they will need to be glued to the multiple ornaments they are touching as well as to the foam wreath. The stick-out part on these should be hidden.

  • Next it's time to fill in the inner circle where we still see a lot of white. There will be some empty spaces after you attach these, but don't worry, when we're done they will be all filled in! You can see how there are still spots to be covered on mine, but the next two steps will fill all of those up.

  • The next step is to take your smaller ornaments, and go through and find those holes, and place them where you will want to glue them down. For my wreath I used some shiny and flat gold bulbs as I thought it would accent my theme really well. These can be any color you want to go with! As long as they go along with whatever color scheme you've chosen, they're sure to look beautiful!

This leaves only a couple final steps which means you are almost done with your wreath!

  • Next we want to take our vase filler and add these to any of the tiny spaces that need to be filled in. These spaces are too small for a small ornament making the vase filler go perfectly! If the space you're trying to fill is too big for one, glue a few together. These add some extra flair to your wreath and will make the over-all product even more beautiful.

  • Our final step to finishing the wreath is optional, but I always like to include it. Add some fun specialty items to your wreath! In this case I added a few tiny pinecones, a pumpkin, and a couple sunflowers to go with my fall theme! These items can be WHATEVER you want as long as they will stick well. Once you're done with this step, the only final thing I would suggest is removing any excess glue string that you might see and not want to be visible. This is usually pretty easy and can be done with your finger nails or by using a damp cloth.

We're all finished! I can't wait to see how everyone's wreath turns out. Please feel free to drop a picture of your own in the comment section, and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about the project! I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did and I hope that you will come back and visit Obscure Bones again soon! I have lots of fun stuff planned for the coming months so be ready for some exciting stuff! Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list as well as my youtube channel so that you can stay up-to-date on new fun things.

Also, please share this with a friend (:

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