Obscure Bones

Obscure Bones is the inner structure of a girl nurtured by a gypsy soul and raised by troubadours. Here Jade Madden shines light on her world of obscurity though word, song, and photographs.


When we stop for a moment and actually think about all the different people in this world, its easy to overlook what traits or things make them different. Every one of us is special in our own ways and that is what makes life beautiful and mysterious. I like to think of these imperfections and unique attributes as our obscure bones.

Here you can take a peek at some of my own obscure bones. First & foremost I will be posting about my music such as new releases or videos. I will also include fun DIY projects that you can do at home, Travel experiences, tips & tricks, delicious recipes, and more! 


the Creator

Hello! My name is Jade Madden & I am creator and developer here at Obscure Bones. I am a passionately-driven musician, writer, and teacher with a big heart for cooking, traveling, and animals. I have created Obscure Bones as a way to document my life experiences and share them with anyone who cares to listen. Here you will find everything from new releases and show dates for my live performances - to favorite recipes, various blog posts, information for my vocal students, and more. Please enjoy your time here and please do leave any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have on the “contact” page.

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